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Zinc Liquid Drops - 1 Bottle

ALL NEW!  Immunity in a Bottle!  The new Zinc formula is what’s called Liposomal, which means the zinc is encapsulated in fat (from Sunflower). This makes the Zinc MUCH MORE easily absorbed into the cells of our bodies, as our bodies love fat. With that said, the cloudiness comes from the proprietary way we encapsulated the nutrient into liposomes.

If you want to build your Immune System even greater, and fight the nasty common cold if it rears it's ugly head, all new LiquidZINC is the way to go!  Not only does Zinc help with these, but it also balances out Hormones and has been shown to help fight Diabetes as well.  

Zinc is a powerful mineral, and a wonderful antioxidant that is used to help with various skin conditions as well, and studies have shown that it also can help "BOOST" the Libido!... Well alrighty then! 

Each Dropper delivers a healthy 15mg of LiquidZINC in a great Natural Citrus Flavor, and a whopping 60 Servings per Bottle!

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