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The Change Element Podcast - A Relentless Attitude

Give a listen as Cory Damon, Host of the #1 Ranked Podcast "The Change Element", goes mano a mano with BUICED Founder & CEO Ray Doustdar to try and understand what is the key to getting an idea off the ground and turn it into a real business

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BUICED Officially "AKA" - Ashley Koff RD Approved!

Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who believes better nutrition is simple, but isn’t always explained that way. To help everyone achieve Better Nutrition, Simplified, Koff created “The Qualitarian Nutrition Plan” and “The AKA (Ashley Koff Approved) Healthy Grocery List Planner” to help people decide on better quality groceries, dietary supplements, and prepared food.

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Vitamin Retailer Magazine advocates Liquids!

Take a read at a recent article in one of the industries most trusted sources, Vitamin Retailer Magazine.  This continues to prove our point about BUICED, and the benefits of a High Grade Liquid Multivitamin as part of your daily lifestyle.

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Us Weekly - Defiance Star Julie Benz's loves her BUICED mini's!

Former DEXTER star and current star of Syfy's hit show Defiance Julie Benz brings her BUICED mini's along when she travels so that she can get had daily vitamins!

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INTERVIEW - Can juicing really keep you off medications?

Ray Doustdar, the Founder & CEO of BUICED Inc., and the creator of the all new BUICED Liquid Multivitamin joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel. He is also the curator of Everyday Juicer, a website dedicated to helping people add fresh vegetable juicing to their daily lifestyle.

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radioMD SEGMENT - Vitamins: Liquids vs. Pills, Supplements vs. Replacements

When it comes to the debate over vitamins, there are a lot of opinions and even more choices.  It seems that there is a vitamin for every single stage of your life.  But what are the best ones to take?  Is it better to take vitamins in liquid form vs. pills?  If so, how do I know I am getting the best source of the specific vitamin?  In today’s segment, Everyday Juicer and Founder of BUICED Ray Doustdar is back to build on the discussion from last week, and help explain more about how just like with drinking coffee and wine and fresh vegetable juice, taking your vitamins in liquid form gives you the optimal absorption and is the most bioavailable way of getting your daily dose of needed vitamins. 

It’s all about absorption rates, and giving your body what it needs, when it needs it, and in the best form possible so that it can use it!  Tune in to hear about how liquid vitamins absorb at a 98% effective rate vs. only 10-20% for pills!

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Ray Doustdar was tired of feeling nauseated from his pill form vitamins, and so instead of stopping taking them, he decided to create a Liquid Multivitamin that would give him what he wanted health wise and not make him feel sick for 20 minutes!  This is the story of BUICED, spelled like "juiced" and pronounced like exactly what it gives you, and that is a "boost!"

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radioMD SEGMENT - Are the Nutrients in Your Juice Enough?

When Everyday Juicer Ray Doustdar felt continually nauseated with his pill form vitamins, he decided to take matters into his own hands and see if the amazing juices that he was having contained all his daily vitamin needs.  The answer surprisingly came back that they did not.  It turns out leafy green vegetables, which are 90% of what you should be juicing, lack the complete spectrum of daily vitamin needs from A-K.  It’s true.  They are very rich in plant based nutrients, called phytonutrients, as well as many minerals, but juicing leafy green vegetables does not provide daily value needs of many Vitamins, including Vitamin C, D, E and the B-Complex vitamins. 

This led Ray on a 15 month journey to take the absorption benefits and principles that he had learned and believes in when it comes to juicing, and apply that same concept to vitamins and literally create a “boost” for his juices, called BUICED! (spelled like “juiced” pronounced like “boost!)

Listen to this interview with Dr. Holly Lucille and get the entire juicy story!

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radioMD SEGMENT - 6 Effective Steps For Juicing

Do you want to start juicing, but literally have no clue how?  Do you want to know how to juice?

Once again, our favorite Everyday Juicer Ray Doustdar is back to now help you actually start juicing.  If you listened to last week’s show, you now have a good understanding of WHY you should juice, as well as hopefully a firm grasp on the differences between juicing vs. blend, masticating vs. centrifugal juicers, and whether you should juice fruits or veggies.  Now Ray will give you his “6 Steps to Juicing” system that helped him drop his cholesterol from 234 to 168 in 4 months, and lose 6 stubborn pounds in the process!

Tune in as once again Ray “Juice-Star” Doustdar and Dr. Holly spice it up and give you all the juice when it comes to juicing!

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radioMD SEGMENT - Juicing 101: The What, How & Why

What is all the Hu bub about this JUICING craze?  Why the heck should I JUICE?  If you live in places like Los Angeles or New York, you have probably seen “Juice Bars” popping up all over the place, and then also juices now being sold in places Wholefoods and other retailers.  But what is all the fuss about?  Why on earth should you start juicing everything under the sun versus not just eating them?  Everyday Juicer Ray Doustdar is back to shed light on this as well as help you understand why you should juice.  In addition, he will help decode the difference between juicing vs. blending, masticating juicers vs. centrifugal ones, and whether you should be juicing veggies or fruits.

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radioMD SEGMENT - Can Juicing Keep You Off Medications?

After being a huge fan of a purely animal-based lifestyle for many years, Ray Doustdar got a huge wake-up call. A trip to his primary care doctor revealed some elevated lab results, and a prescription for the cholesterol-lowering drug, Lipitor, followed. 

It was a moment Ray would not soon forget. He had a feeling of desperation, yet also a feeling of inspiration. Eventually he changed his life for the better.

And you can too.

Join Ray and Dr. Holly in this segment of The Dr. Holly Lucille Show, as he shares his journey through both of these paradigms and how he became an "EveryDay Juicer."

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THE EPOCH TIMES - Juicing & “BUICED-ing”

When faced with the potential of going on a statin due to high cholesterol, Ray Doustdar decided to see take matters into his own hands.  He asked his Dr. for 6 months to see what he could accomplish, and within 4 months he was able to bring his own cholesterol down from 234 to 168!  In the process, he stumbled upon the notion that if the liquid juice was so good for him, why not have a liquid vitamin that would also provide better absorption and bio-availability to his cells.  They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and his need to replace his pill form vitamins which upset his stomach lead to the creation of BUICED (spelled like "juiced" pronounced like "boost!")

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THE L.A. TIMES - Brave new whirl

Not so long ago, people made juice by squeezing oranges on a little cone-shaped tool. How quaint, compared with the machines and shops and ingredients that are part of the world of juicing.  BUICED Founder Ray Doustdar even chimes in and offers his thoughts when it comes to juicing!

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