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NEW FLAVOR + CAFFEINE!  Good Golly Miss Molly!  You asked... and we Created!  Enjoy our 1st Liquid Multi that has a little bit of Caffeine in each Capful, in our GREAT TASTING Mocha Flavor!  BUICED+ in Mocha delivers the same great Vitamins the other BUICED Liquid Multi's have, and also comes with a little "boost" of Caffeine.  You can take directly as a shot or "boost" your morning cup of Coffee!  

There's nothing wrong with sharing, except for the fact that you will run out of your BUICED bottle in the middle of the month! Now you can stock up and save or each have your own monthly bottle of BUICED, now in great tasting NEW Mocha + Caffeine flavor!

Both bottles contain 30 Daily Shots = 60 Day Supply!


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