radioMD SEGMENT - 6 Effective Steps For Juicing.  With Ray Doustdar from BUICED Liquid Vitamins.

radioMD SEGMENT - 6 Effective Steps For Juicing

Juicing has become more than just a trend. For some, juicing has become a lifestyle. However, it isn't as easy as it may seem. The process is a lot more than just throwing whatever you have in your fridge into a juicer.  For instance, it is important to remember that some veggies and fruits taste different in a juice form than a blended form, like in your smoothie.
If there is someone who knows all the ins and outs about juicing, it's Ray Doustdar, the "Everyday Juicer," who dropped his cholesterol from 234 to 168 in just four months by following a specific juicing regimen. In this segment of Mindful Medicine, Ray shares his six powerful steps to help you begin, or continue through, your juicing experience.



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