NBC24 Fresno - Juicing vs. Blending

NBC24 Fresno - Juicing vs. Blending

The Founder of "Buiced" Liquid Multivitamin and 'Everyday Juicer" Ray Doustdar joins us to discuss the key differences between juicing and blending. Ray not only tells us the differences but he then then shows us the differences with an actual demo!. He shows us what the best way to absorb the vitamins from fruits and vegetables. You will not believe the results! Watch these clips to see how a juicer and a blender are very different but can BOTH be used for different health reasons and then just how easy it is to add that and a shot of BUICED to your every day routine! The BUICED is once again loose in Fresno on NBC24 KSEE's "Central Valley Today" with Alex Delgado & Lindsey Pena.
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looks great! I so need to get a juicer. I whetacd a few videos from the Jay Kordich you mentioned and it sure is an eye opener to say the least. Thanks for both posting this video as well as mentioning Jay! Keep them coming


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