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Women's Premium Baby Tee V-neck


Well ladies, why not look good while living a healthy lifestyle right?  Do you want to look positively stylish and wear something that will make you and others around you feel good just by reading it? How about people tapping you on your back while in line for coffee and asking, "That's a really cool shirt, where did you get it?"  Well maybe you don't want the latter to happen that often, but now you can get a super cool and unique Baby Tee V-neck that makes a statement, fits great, and just looks smashing!  The all new Carpe Diem Baby T-V comes in S, M, L, and XL, and is printed on a premium V-neck tee that is soft and fits nicely.

We love BUICED, but this shirt does NOT have any BUICED branding on it because we are not that vain to try and make you into walking billboards.  Instead, if you feel like telling people where you got it, great.  If not, then just say thank you to their compliment and smile!  Either way, make sure you SEIZE THE DAY! 

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