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Vitamin Sleep - 1 Bottle

33 reviews

ALL NEW!  Vitamin Sleep AKA Liquid Snooze!  If you have given up on counting sheep and just need a little natural help catching some quality Zzzz's, then the all NEW Vitamin Sleep is just what the Dr. did not have to prescribe!   

With our Non-Habit Forming blend of Melatonin + Vitamin B6 and some other soothing ingredients, Vitamin Sleep will help you do exactly that... SLEEP!  Wake up feeling refreshed, and get ready to start your day with a shot of BUICED Liquid!  (see what we did there!)  

Get our Sugar Free formula that comes in a great tasting BlackCherry Flavor, and a whopping 60 Servings per Bottle!

33 reviews
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Janine E.
United States United States


Not sure why but the taste and color is different from the bottles I received In November. Bad after taste...still using hoping that I get used to it

mike h.
United States United States

Hard to sleep

Sometimes it works great . Other times I’m not so sure.

Melanie B.
United States United States

Get some sleep!

Bought this for my mom and she says it works great! That is, when she remembers to take it...truth.

mike h.
United States United States

Sleep disorders

At first it was great, but now it doesn’t work as well. After waking up to take care of Mother Nature I stay awake till sunrise. I generally awake around 12: o’clock am.

Craig B.
United States United States


Been using this it came out works really great for me Like goodnight Lucille

mike h.
United States United States

Sleep aid

Tried many. This has appeared to work. Will order more. However there is one main ingredient that probably should be sold by its self ?