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B12 Liquid Drops - 1 Bottle

ALL NEW!  Clean Energy in a Bottle!  Are you feeling tired and just dragging?  Having a hard time focusing? Are you in chonic pain?  These are all signs that your body could need more Vitamin B12. So meet the all new B12 Liquid Drops, a great way to add some pep to your step.  

Our B12 Liquid comes in the #1 form of Vitamin B12 to supplement, Methylcobalamin.  Unlike others that may use the cheaper synthetic form called Cyanocobalamin (where the "cyan" is actually cyanide), we once again go top shelf and give you a product that is bio-available and will absorb in your body.

Each Dropper delivers a healthy 2500mcg of B12 in a great Berry Taste, and a whopping 60 Servings per Bottle!

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