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60 Day Supply | Berry Trio Flavor

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NEW FLAVOR!  There's nothing wrong with sharing, except for the fact that you will run out of your BUICED bottle in the middle of the month! Now you can stock up and save or each have your own monthly bottle of BUICED, now in great tasting NEW & IMPROVED Berry Trio flavor!

Each capful delivers 100% Daily Value of the entire spectrum of vitamins from A-K (dispensing cap). Take directly as a shot or "boost" your favorite beverage.

Both bottles contain 30 Daily Shots = 60 Day Supply!


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David N.
United States United States

Love it!

Ray, and his team have put together a fantastic product! I love Buiced and use it everyday! Thanks buddy!

Paul G.
United States United States


We have been using Buiced Vitamin Mineral supplements for about 6 years now and are committed to it! Within 6 weeks of stating to use Buiced the woman that cuts my hair and my wife’s noticed an improvement in the quality of our hair. Your hair is a good indicator of overall health.

Selene J.
United States United States

What happened?

I have been a customer since 2018 and have loved this product. It goes into my smoothies with ease. Recently I noticed a change in viscosity AND flavor. There’s now a sickly, artificial sweetness to it that is messing with the taste of my smoothies. The good part of that change is that this product is now easier on the tastebuds if you drink it alone. (Good luck getting that flavor out of your mouth!) The bad part is that it changes the taste of whatever you add it to. I wish there was a “plain” or non flavored version.

Paula H.
United States United States

Great liquid vitamin

Years ago, I took a liquid vitamin my mom got from a health food store. I liked it, and only after she stopped getting it for me because of the price did I find out how much better my body absorbed liquids as opposed to pills when it comes to vitamins. Buiced is the first one since then that I've tried that has both 100% recommended dosage and makes me feel better. Due to food allergies, sensitivities, and texture issues, I worry I don't eat enough variations of food to get what I need vitamin-wise. It doesn't make me nauseous if I take it on an empty stomach, and I can either put my dose in my water bottle or take a concentrated shot if I won't be carrying one. Most liquid vitamins don't have 100% RDA, but Buiced does. I like it, and will continue to take it now that I've found something that actually does make me feel better.

Shawn N.
United States United States

Best Liquid Multivitamin Ever

I have been using Buiced for years. It has improved my quality of life. The new taste is incredibly appealing. Love this liquid multivitamin.

Andrea S.
United States United States

Muscles fitness

My second use Buiced bottle. I getting good healthy and back on muscle fitness.

BUICED 60 Day Supply | Berry Trio Flavor Review