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60 Day Supply | Fruit Punch Flavor


NEW FLAVOR!  There's nothing wrong with sharing, except for the fact that you will run out of your BUICED bottle in the middle of the month! Now you can stock up and save or each have your own monthly bottle of BUICED, now available in Fruit Punch flavor!

Each capful delivers 100% Daily Value of the entire spectrum of vitamins from A-K (dispensing cap). Take directly as a shot or "boost" your favorite beverage.

Both bottles contain 30 Daily Shots = 60 Day Supply!


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United States

This is my favorite multivitamin!

First of all, I have to say the customer service is top-notch. They accidentally sent me the citrus instead of the fruit punch. When I contacted them, they were quick to respond and correct the situation. It made me feel very valued. I have taken this multivitamin for a while now and I feel my body absorbs this better than any others I've tried. Great work Buiced!!!

Mary B.
United States United States

The only vitamins I’ll ever take again

Love this! It tastes good and most importantly - it works. You can feel a difference using them, so glad I found this company! My husband has Celiac, and we follow a paleo diet, this multi and the drops we chose work wonderfully.

Selene J.
United States United States

Good stuff

The Buiced liquid daily vitamins have been a staple in my diet for about two years. Along with their vitamin d supplement, and small tweaks to my diet, I’m no longer deficient in iron, b vitamins or vitamin d. (This was confirmed after 2-3 months of use.) This thrills my doctor and me! I never had such results with a daily pill. The taste is... A LOT! I throw it in with my smoothies and I don’t event taste it these days. If you drink it straight out of the bottle, you’ll need to wash it down with something like water, juice or milk to give the aftertaste the boot. Happy health!!☺️

Claire Z.
United States United States

Retirees Love Buiced

My husband and I find liquid vitamins far superior to pill because the ease of the body to absorb. We both can feel the energy difference. We are both retired and living in a retirement community. We have more energy now than 7 years ago when we arrived! Keep up the good work Buiced!

Elizabeth F.
United States United States

Using buiced for years

I definitely feel a difference if I forget to take my Buiced in the morning. I don’t feel that any other MV absorbs as well or as quickly.

Susan K.
United States United States

The Biotin RULES

I started taking the biotin at the beginning of July. It’s an incredible product. I haven’t broken a nail since. They’re so strong. My hair is fuller than it’s been in a very long time. Plus it tastes great! Thank you buiced for keeping my healthy, strong, and happy!