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Family of 4 LOVES Vitamin Sleep
"We are a family of four. Our daughters are 15 and 12. We all use Vitamin sleep when needed. We wake up refreshed and not groggy. I highly recommend this natural sleep aide product."
Debra G.
"This time I got the 16 ounce bottles and they proved even easier to handle. The fruit punch is my go-to flavor and I personally think this is the best multi-vitamin out there. Always a good experience ordering on line, getting quick delivery and dealing with a helpful (probably should put that one in capital letters) staff."
Larry P.
Wonderful D3 Liquid Drops
"Excellent. Wonderful. Does its job. My doctor is happy with my blood work results. I tell everyone I can about BUICED products"
Xandria B.
Love these products!
"My mom loved this product. It really works! "
Melanie B.
3 month supply
"Beens taking this for several years I will not do without them simply the best highly recommend to anyone especially if your a little older like myself "
Craig B.
“Vitamin D levels are perfect”
"An actual quote from my doctor! I like that you can vary the drops to get to your “perfect” level. "
Amy C.
Not Just Me...
"So, just the other day my wife says to me "Holy S*@t honey...your deodorant STINKS! Seriously...what the heck?!" Well, I had run out of my BUICED deodorant and was using an old stick of Old Spice. Talk about yuck! I gotta place an order for my BUICED today!!"
John F.
Kids love. We love
"Incredible item. We love it for our kids! Super tasty!"
Reza S.
"I've only been taking it for about a week to soon to tell."
Janet P.
Loving it...still...
"So far so good...loving it for the whole family."
Valerie S.
Spearment A++
"100% Satisfied with 1st Order, This is My 2nd order .. I have been through my share of over the count Lip treatments.. Finally One that works and will last. Try it You will Love This.."
Audrey D.
"Honestly the only vitamin I have ever been able to take that does not make me nauseated. Even on an empty stomach! My hair and nails are healthier, my energy levels are better...Buiced is the BEST. "
Alyssa S.
"I could never take regular vitamins because they bothered my stomach. These are amazing!! Never bothered me once. Feel the difference within a week. "
Justan P.
D3 Vitamin
"A great vitamin a it’s liquid. I’m sure it keeps my D in my body level"
E S.
Love it
"So much easier than swallowing pills. Tastes good. So quick and easy I love it."
Morgan C.
Greatest Vitamins On The Planet!!
"Couldn't be better!! Everything about Buiced is FIRST CLASS. On time, as requested, unbelievable product, fantastic guy in charge (Ray)! Doesn't get any better than this. You would have to be an idiot not to at least give it a try...."
Buck A.
Only taking Buiced vitamins!
"We love taking the liquid B12, it is much better absorbed! B vitamins are extremely important to us in our daily routine! Great taste, easy to take, very pleased! "
karen k.
"A friend turned me onto BUICED!! A little over 6 months ago, my friend literally gave me a bottle which lasted me a month .... Best gift any friend has given me! After 3 weeks of taking Buiced, I went online & placed an order! The order promptly arrived to my door! that was a pleasant surprise. I love the fact that I don’t have to take this vitamin in pill form, I feel like my body is getting so much more out of this great tasting liquid vitamin,than a vitamin in pill form! You don’t have to wait for the vitamin to dissolve in your system! It’s liquid so it starts working soon after you swallow it! I am hooked! I love BUICED!! ♥️♥️🧡♥️♥️ "
Davette T.
Great Products
"Loved my buiced products "
Josh M.
Buiced super Awesome female poison free deodorant
"My wife and daughter love it fresh lilac scent and works super long "
Peter m.
Zinc Drops
"I love these drops. They truely help your skin. I had dry red spots that I couldn’t get rid of on my feet and once I took these they disappeared! Thank you very much!"
Caleb W.
Buiced keeping my immune system strong!
"My pharmacist recommended Buiced when I was sick with the flu and strep at the same time. My immune system was so low then but I attribute being string and healthy now to taking Buiced daily for the last 9 months! "
Kristen H.
"Vitamin B12 is one of the necessities of a healthy life, and Buiced delivers that in spades. I've stocked up on the liquid drops and use them daily. It's a good quality product in every respect."
Larry P.
Doesn’t make my skin breakout
"I haven’t tried to take a multi- vitamin and minerals supplement in many years because when I do, my face breaks out every time. Not this one! Considering this is different and in liquid form, I tried it. My skin is fine. I will be buying this again "
Lori H.
My whole family is a fan!
"I love this lip balm and have tried all the flavors. They are not overpowering and don't leave any strange aftertaste like some balms. My kids have been swiping mine so I have had to keep a secret stash. "
Shane Wetmore
Best multivitamin ever
"This is my favorite product on the market. It is help me stay healthy and full of energy throughout the day. Will never stop taking it or recommending it to my patients "
Raha P.
Vitamin D drops
"This product is very simple and a quick way to get your vitamin D level up! I’m interested to see how much my value will increase at my next MD appointment. Thanks for all the wonderful products!!!!"
Yalda K.
Love these products!
"I am so glad I found these products! They are healthy cost effective supplements. As long as Buiced is around they will be my go to for a vitamin choice! Keep up the good work guys!"
Melanie B.
What a difference!
"Great product...a shot a day and what a difference! Believe in liquid vs pills! Thank you! "
Lael K.
Love it, great stuff, makes
"Love it, great stuff, makes me feel better."
Charles S.